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BCAA FAQ - Common Questions & Answers


If you are unsure about something before you go on your fishing trip to the canal. Below are some of the most common questions and answers we get asked.  if you require information about byelaws, then you can refer to the reverse side of your day ticket or your annual permit.


Where can i buy my permit from to fish on the canal?


There are two main types of permits that you can buy either before you go fishing or on the bank.  The day & monthly permits with only allow you to fish from dawn until dusk.  The annual permit will allow you to night fish.  For further details about pricing and other details, then please visit our 'Membership & Pricing' page.


Do i have to have a rod licence to fish the canal?


Yes, you will need to purchase a rod licence before you go fishing.  You can buy a day licence or annual licence.  If you are caught without a licence, this can result in a fine.  For further details about purchasing your rod licence, please visit our 'Rules & Membership - Rod Licence Information' page.


Do i need to have a landing net & unhooking mat for fishing the canal?


Yes - You will need to ensure that you  carry a landing net & unhooking mat with you at all times.  If you are fishing for carp or pike then a landing net size with a minimum of 36inches is required.  A large unhooking mat will also be required.

Where can i fish from on the canal?


You are only allowed to fish from the tow path bank of the canal.  Fishing from the opposite bank or a boat is strictly prohibited.  If you caught fishing from these prohibited areas then you wil be asked to move to the towpath side with immediate effect.



Can i fish all year round on the canal?


There is a 'Open & Closed' season on the canal.  You will be allowed to fish from June 16th through to March 15th.   Between march & june no fishing is allowed on the canal.  If you are caught fishing during the closed season, then you could recieve a substantial fine. for further information about the 'open & closed' season - please refer to our 'Rules & Byelaws' page.


Pike fishing on the canal?


If you want to pike fish on the canal, then you MUST make sure that you have all of the correct tackle with you.  Please refer to our 'Rules & Byelaws' page - then 'Rig Information & Safety Guides'.


Can i catch crayfish on the canal?


If you want to catch crayfish on the canal then you MUST make sure that you have obtained a licence from the Environment Agency and prior permission from the Basingstoke Canal Society. To obtain a personal license from the Basingstoke Canal Society to trap crayfish on the canal contact: Fiona Shipp, Canal Manager on 07305 340547.


Can i night fish on the canal?


If you want to night  on the canal, then you MUST purchase an annual permit before hand.  You will also be required to put a photo of yourself on the inside cover of your permit.  Failure to do so will  make  your permit invalid for night fishing.


Note:  You will NOT be able to night fish on day or monthly permits .


Why does the canal  have a closed season?


Certain waters in the United Kingdom have conservation areas and protected species of wildlife which is called SSSI  (Site of Special Scientific Interes).    This means that a closed season has to be in place on the canal.



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